You probably have seen, read or whatever else you like loads of rants about DevOps on the web, but I’d like to join the club myself, so here it is.

Another time I’ve been conversing with people, for different reasons, they can go from simple meaningless conversations to job position interviews and so forth, or reading for the same reasons loads about DevOps and for the majority of cases I see DevOps == IaC.

My questions always are, in order:

  • On which universe?
  • Have you ever seen a simple DevOps diagram?
  • But if DevOps is simply IaC where are the Dev and Ops parts?
  • And who provides feedback?

Normally the answers are, in order:

  • A big laugh or some sort of rant similar to, “I know what I am talking about and don’t need to justify it”. Once a person I was interviewing even asked back “Is this a test?”
  • Yes I have see a DevOps diagram
  • If you’ve seen the diagram, you mentioned before, then you can see Build and Code phases, and IaC allows you to build your infrastructure by coding it, those are Dev and Ops (DevOps), here normally I loose the will to live.
  • You are developing an application when it is done you see if the users are onboard with it.

Clearly this is my average experience working internationally, now you can have a different one and I hope it is better than mine, but why on earth don’t people even bother to read 2 lines or look at a picture a little more closely?

Without going into details I like to throw my-stone-on-the-pond on how I see DevOps, maybe it’s the wrong view but I like to learn from you!

DevOps is a methodology that allows to continuously iterate, plan and receive feedback, and feedback is provided by anyone involved at every step of the journey.

This is my line, and the reason is simple: this way, the more people you get involved the better, as: you get more feedback, you do better monitoring, planning and building and this paves the way for all the Dev*Ops you like, and I like to think about it as Dev-Sec-AI-UX-Legal-Marketing-CustomerService-etc-Ops.

Or in other words, let’s just work together with a single unifying goal that everyone can share and enjoy!

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